Product Application

  • Calcium Silicate is an ideal insulation material for high temperature pipes. Used throughout Petrochemical, Power Generation, Furnace and primary  aluminium sectors, Calcium Silicate combines excellent thermal efficiency with high compressive strength, able to withstand foot traffic.
 Typical Product Performance
 Insulite 650 Insulite 1050
Maximum Service Temp: 650ºC 1050ºC
 Age Density: 220 kg/m³  265 kg/m³
 Compressive Strength: 0.8 Mpa 1.8 Mpa
Combustibility: non-comb non-comb
Linear Shrinkage : <2% 1.4%
 Flexural Strength: 0.4 Mpa 0.8 Mpa
 Thermal Conductivity at 200ºC: 0.06 W/mK 0.07 W/mK